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Vision benefits can vary greatly. Some plans allow reimbursement directly to you for out of pocket expenses, some allow for flex-type benefits assignment of benefits and others require the use of certain frames and/or lenses and fabrication at their laboratories. Some plans cover just a basic eye examination and some cover more or all of the doctor’s fee plus a generous allowance for glasses or contacts. We’ll be happy to discuss your benefits in advance of your appointment.

We participate as an in-network provider for the following plans, which generally cover a basic eye examination and/or basic eyeglasses or contact lenses, either in full or at a discounted rate:

  • VSP (Vision Service Plan
  • VBA (Vision Benenfits of America)
  • FOP ( Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police)
  • EyeMed
  • Aetna
  • Superior Vision
  • Vision One

We serve as an out-of-network provider for other plans where the company reimburses you for benefits provided by us. We will frequently discount your fees so that the value of your benefits approximate or exceed those of an in-network provider. Examples of these plans are:

  • PFT (Philadelphia Federation of Teachers)
  • Optum Health Vision Benefits
  • Davis Vision
  • NVA (National Vision Administrators)

When using a benefits plan which fabricates your eyeglasses, consider a genuine Pennsylvania Optometrics pair as well (special discounts will apply)!


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