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Dr. Jeffery Brosof & Dr. Stephen Galanter

The right glasses for you

Our frame collections offer quality and style at whatever price point you're comfortable with, and we'll guide you in selecting frames that work best with your prescription and appearance. Each pair of glasses we craft in our on-site laboratory is made with the same care as if we were going to wear it ourselves.

What your glasses can do for you

Eye Protection: Polycarbonate materials offer permanent UV protection and impact resistance for safer work and play and are thinner than regular plastic lenses. Standard on all children's glasses!

Vision Enhancement: Ultra-thin materials with new high-definition optics can virtually eliminate distortion.

Beauty: That would be you. Anti-glare coatings let your eyes shine through and let you see more detail, sharpness, and clarity. They reduce glare when driving at night and during computer work and let you see better, look better, and feel better about your glasses.

Help sleeping better: Surprised? Only TheraBlueTM lenses offered by our office offer UV AND HEV blue light protection in a lens material that looks like a regular eyeglass lens. Since light from most digital device screens mimic sunlight (HEV light), they can affect your circadian rhythm or sleep cycle. Blocking these frequencies of light may also reduce the risk of onset cataracts, macular degeneration, headaches and "digital" eye strain.

Help focusing at all distances: Progressive lenses let you see both far and near with zoom lens-like magnification and without annoying and unflattering bifocal lines. Our careful fitting and measuring will insure your success!

Help performing better: Super-strong beta-titanium frames, sports-specific eyewear like Rudy Project, Wiley-X or stylish polarized sun protection by Ray-Ban and Maui Jim give you the edge for sports and in the sun.

Changing with your day: Photochromic lenses darken when you're outside, block UV rays, and get clear again when you're back inside for comfort, flexibility, and protection all rolled into one.



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