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Dr. Jeffery Brosof & Dr. Stephen Galanter


Feel at ease with your contact lenses

We’ve done tens of thousands of successful fittings with every type of contact lens. If you're trying a new type of lens or are wearing contacts for the first time, we'll provide you with trial lenses in your prescription to wear and be evaluated before you order them. If you need an extra pair of disposable contacts to hold you over until your eye appointment, just let us know!

Ordering contact lenses through our office or on-line
is easier than ever!

If you enjoy the convenience of ordering contacts on-line, you’ll be interested to know that
our distributor-serviced web store per box prices are the same or less than 1-800-contacts, plus…

  • Your lens supply is seamlessly integrated with your professional eye care

  • No prescription transfers or 3rd party verifications are necessary

  • Available rebates are automatically applied

  • Unused boxes of lenses can be exchanged for prescription by simply bringing them to your
    next examination appointment, with no return shipping necessary.

Register for our web store below. We’re notified whenever you order lenses and confirm that your prescription is accurate and active.  The web store fills your order and there’s nothing else for you to do. 



If you will be using any vision benefits, order your lenses through the office.

  • Stop in during regular business hours or call 215-483-1636. You can pick your lenses up at the office of have them shipped to you, usually at no charge.

Please note: Contact lens prescriptions are generally good for one year. If your prescription is more than a year old, you should have an exam to check your eye health, vision and lens fit to renew your prescription.


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